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Hear ye, hear ye, all you gadget freaks and tech geeks! There’s a new guy at your service, 24/7, and he’s ready to bring you all that’s fresh, new and exciting in the world of technology.

He’s me or I’m him, and despite being in the business of scribbling technology-related articles for a while now, I’m still nervous and excited to start a new adventure. As a GadgeTell contributor, my aim is to be as objective and entertaining as possible while maintaining an informative tone.

I will be keeping an eye for all of you on everything and anything linked to mobile devices, be them Android, iOS or Windows Phone-powered, and I’ll try to keep my background as an Android-friendly writer from interfering with my work’s objectivity.

If you want to find out more about me or my work, thank me for my solid reporting or criticize me for my disrespect to punctuation and grammar, you can find me on Google Plus and Android Authority. Adrian here thanking you for having me and telling you to get ready for a crazy ride in the gadget world!

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