Sony Xperia V to come to (parts of) Europe this year after all

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Although it looked set to only see the light of day next year, after an official announcement from Sony France, the Xperia V is back on track for a December 2012 launch.

That’s both good and bad news, with the silver lining being more than obvious. So, what’s the bad news, you might ask. Well, unfortunately, Sweden and Finland, the two countries that will be getting the 4.3-incher next month, will have to settle with an ICS-flavored version of the phone instead of the Jelly Bean sprinkled model that’s still planned to hit France next January.

As for pricing, Telia and Three Sweden are asking between SEK 4,995 and 5,295 ($738 – 782) for the unlocked handheld, while Gigantti Finland has it for €619 ($790). All three retailers are currently taking pre-orders for the Xperia V, with the launch being scheduled for “early December”. No exact date mentioned, but we should find out more soon, so stay tuned.

Via [Unwired View]

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