ZTE Avid 4G leaks, heading to MetroPCS with yet to be revealed specs

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Though smartphone manufacturers and carriers are engaged in some high-stakes battles at the top of the niche, there’s still a decent amount of interest surrounding mid-range Android devices, too.

Those of you looking for such an average handheld that won’t hurt your budgets too much should be intrigued by the ZTE Avid 4G, who’s been pictured in a leaked image just hours ago. The leak comes from a very reliable source, @evleaks Twitter account, so, even if the phone is not yet official, a release is most likely just around the corner.

Unfortunately, besides the pretty high-quality pic, there’s no other intel attached to the Avid 4G. Based on the picture, we can however assume that the phone is heading to MetroPCS, that it will run Android 4.0 ICS and sport a small, low-res screen (around 4-inches in diagonal, we’re guessing).

As for pricing, we’d rather not speculate, although the Avid 4G will probably fall somewhere between the $99 Activa and the $199 Anthem.

Via [PocketNow]

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