Boid Twitter app for Android has reached its end

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It has not necessarily been a pleasant couple of weeks for popular Android Twitter apps. Tweet Lanes development has ceased (perhaps indefinitely), and now it seems the team behind Boid is calling it quits. According to a blog post by one of Boid’s developers Graham Macphee, the app is now done.

Why the sudden freeze in development? Here is a short excerpt from Macphee’s blog post.

“We aimed to create an app that was as good as and as popular as Tweetbot on iOS. We succeeded, but that app is not Boid. That app may not even exist yet, but it will form from the sparks of ideas and the innovation and the ashes of the attempts of the many developers which followed our lead in striving to make good Holo apps. To some extent – some hopeful, self-flattering extent – I believe people may have been inspired by our work.”

Macphee goes on to say,” It is the generation of apps that followed Boid, with a new-found focus on quality and design, that I think is our real achievement. And, this having been accomplished, I feel like our work is done. We have made the change we intended to and I think the quality of apps available on Android is now at the standard which we’re happy with.”

Frankly, I don’t really understand this statement. It comes off as a fancy way of saying “we don’t want to do this anymore.” Macphee’s statement makes it sounds as if Boid’s true purpose was to help inspire some kind of Android super app that has yet to emerge.

A clearer explanation came from one of Boid’s other developers Aidan Follestad in the comments section of an Android Central story. He stated the discontinuation of Boid was also the result of Twitter’s harsh restrictions on third-party applications.

“Yeah it has partly to do with Twitter’s new restrictions that are slowly pushing third parties away (they’re moving towards a central network that only uses an official app, much like Facebook),” Follestad wrote.

There’s a chance Boid will be open-sourced, but there’s no group announcement confirming that. Follestad said the team will return with another project in the future.

Source [Graham Macphee]



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