iPad to dominate tablet space into 2015?

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credit: Glenn Fleishman

Before I purchased my iPad, I toyed with the idea of getting a Motorola Xoom.  After all it was Google’s flagship tablet and received positive reviews in general.  I had an Android phone and figured that, after purchasing the Xoom, I’d be able to ride into the sunset towards Android heaven.  I made my mind up.  One night I stood up from the couch and proclaimed to my girlfriend that I was going to buy a Motorola Xoom.  She reluctantly followed.

I drove to Best Buy ready to buy the new Android device.  After a few minutes of playing with it, I was extremely disappointed.  Crushed even.  The Honeycomb OS simply didn’t respond as well as iOS.  There was also the purple elephant in the room: the iPad  had tens of thousands of tablet-optimized apps while the Xoom barely had enough to count on two hands. I could not plop down hundreds of dollars for an inferior product despite my appreciation for Android’s mobile device OS.  The market reacted in a similar manner. The Xoom was a market failure while the iPad 2 shattered records.

Android is finally making headway with smaller tablets, but Android tablets still suffer a severe app deficit. Google hopes that the creation of these tablets will cause users to create apps for them.  Google has gained a lot of ground since my Xoom experience, but many users are still reluctant to step away from the proven Apple formula.

Apple’s vaunted ecosystem still gives the iPad a huge advantage.  Analysts are proclaiming that it will hold that advantage into 2015, when Android tablets finally outnumber them.  This is inevitable considering the varied device manufacturers chomping at the bit to create low-priced Android solutions.  Today users can save over a hundred dollars buying a $200 tablet over the iPad Mini.  It is important to note that, despite all of this, Apple will continue to lead in terms of sheer revenue.

Via [PC World]

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