Toys ‘R’ US CEO offers questionable e-commerce warning

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credit: Brian Robert Marshall

Toys ‘R’ US was on top of the world in the 90’s.  Where else could you go to buy your favorite toys and pre-teen gadgets?  Droves of people rushed to the big-box store every holiday season.  Times have changed.  The era of e-commerce has not treated Toys ‘R’ US well.  Why drive there when you can buy your favorite toys online?  The company has publicly struggled with the shift and is making an interesting argument to entice users to forgo the online option.  CEO Jerry Storch believes that shopping online is harmful to the environment and that already traveling shoppers should simply stop by the store while fulfilling their daily chores.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t pass a Toys ‘R’ US on a daily basis.  His remarks are another sign of an industry still struggling to keep up with a new retail trend.  As a fan of Toys ‘R’ Us, I hope they can weather the storm.

Via [Business Insider]

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