Sony Music Unlimited annual subscription pricing on-sale for $60, or $12 for Playstation Plus members

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Sony is currently running a special on the Music Unlimited annual subscriptions. In short, those who are current PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a year of Sony Music Unlimited for just $12. All others can grab the same year of service for $60. And just to let you know what you will be saving — the service typically costs $120 per year.

Sony Music Unlimited has apps for iOS devices, Android devices, the web and of course, PlayStation devices. Those who subscribe can look forward to one year of unlimited access to the millions of streaming songs in the Music Unlimited service’s catalog.

Finally, Sony did not say when this offer would come to an end, however give the press release announcement touts this as a “musical holiday” we suspect it will not be around for all that long. Simply put, if you are considering signing up, you may not want to wait all that long.

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