Runkeeper Android app gets a welcomed update, brings the Friends tab and more

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A few weeks back Runkeeper for iOS received a rather nice update. And well, as of today that welcomed update has arrived for Android users. The Runkeeper app remains available for for free and by way of the Google Play Store. Perhaps more important here though — the new features that have come along with this latest update.

The first of the new features include the Friends tab. This one brings a social connection through Facebook and even allows for some in-app messaging. Those loading up the app will find the Friends tab (just to the right of the Start tab) and this will allow you to find friends from Facebook as well as your contacts app. Those who you are friends with will then show on a leader board.

That leader board is then ranked by the number of activities each person completes in a month. And for those seeing friends with little to no activity, you can send them a message telling them (reminding them) to go for a run. Or alternatively, for a walk or bike ride.

Otherwise, Runkeeper for Android now also has an updated activities page, a new tabs navigation setup up top and some additional flexibility when it comes to signing up for training plans. These three goodies are further described as follows;

  • An updated activities page that groups your already completed activities and upcoming workouts all in one convenient place
  • A slick new tabs navigation at the top (the Settings menu can be found by clicking the top right button)
  • Added flexibility when signing up for a training plan, around what week you can kick the plan off

Bottom line here, the folks at Runkeeper have taken an already good Android app and made it even better with this update. And as someone that is currently using iOS and Android, it is really nice to have the Android app back on par with the iOS app.

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