Facebook launching a “social calling” service with Orange

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It looks like Facebook is taking steps toward launching a numberless social calling service. Well, more specifically, they will be launching such as service come next year. The service is going to launch in the summer of 2013 for those in France with Orange as a carrier backer. The service will be available on mobile and desktop versions of Facebook and in short, will allow you to call someone with nothing more than a username. This service is said to support person-to-person calls as well as group calls.

Sounds like a good reason to make sure your friends list truly is a list of friends. That scary thought aside though, the service will run in conjunction with an already existing service from Orange — Libon. This is an IP-based calling and messaging app from Orange and is already available for the iPhone with the promise of an Android app coming next year.

Finally, while this will initially be available only for those with Orange in France, given the carrier has widespread availability across Europe, we wouldn’t be all that surprised to eventually see it land in other markets. In the meantime, those who will be getting the service first — now seems like as good a time as any to start working on that friends list.

Via [TechCrunch]

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