Asus working on Android 4.2 upgrades, Transformer Prime TF201 could get the ball rolling

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The latest version of Android – 4.2 Jelly Bean – has only hit a couple of Nexus devices so far, but rumor has it several other gadgets are in line for an upgrade, too. Asus, who’s done a fine job in porting Android 4.1 for its line-up of tablets, has more or less confirmed it’s working hard on 4.2 updates without revealing any specifics.

According to one of the company’s customer representatives in Netherlands, the Transformer Prime TF201 might be the first tab to get Android 4.2, though “it will take a while before we update”. The rep didn’t have anything else of interest to say, but this should be enough to make us dream.

Naturally, we would expect most devices upgraded to 4.1 to support the new version of the OS as well, considering that there aren’t that many major differences between the two. In that case, we can assume the new JB version is headed to not only the TF201, but also to the Transformer Pad Infinity and TF300.

Via [PhAndroid]

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