If you are at all upset about the changes that have been made to Skitch for Mac, read this…

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While I am a big Evernote user, I have never really used Skitch all that much. The latter would probably explain why I was not all that upset about the release of Skitch for Mac 2.0. Lets just say that while Skitch for Mac 2.0 brought some new features, that release also upset quite a few users. Anyway, if you are at all upset about Skitch for Mac or are worried about what future releases will bring since this uproar, you should read this post over on the Evernote Blog. The post was written by Keith Lang who is the Chief Designer for Skitch. Anyway, without giving any spoilers here and in the spirit of keeping this post super short (because the post on the Evernote Blog is lengthy) — follow the link below and get to reading. Or at the very least, follow that link and then save it to your favorite read later list.

Via [Evernote Blog]

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