Mind-blowing room-sized display will make your HDTV weep

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credit: Stony Brook University

I was in the store the recently and stood awestruck by an 80” HDTV.  Rio was playing.  A computer generated bird never looked so real.  As I walked out, I exclaimed to my fiancée how insane it must be to have such a massive display in one’s house. What would I do with it?  Would I watch normal television?  Would I reserve it for movies?  Would I leave it on Discovery HD and dress up as Jeff Corwin? Luckily for my fiancée (and those who can see in our windows) these thoughts will remain thoughts.

I’m sure you can imagine the conundrum I was faced with when I learned about Stony Brook University’s 416 screen 1.5 billion pixel super-computer powered display. Its purpose is to address some of the world’s most pressing issues through the use of its tremendous image processing power.  This is undoubtedly a more engaging way of analyzing data than today’s traditional means.  The program director, Dr. Arie E. Kaufman, also has one of the most epic descriptions of a display I’ve ever read:

“The Reality Deck is the next generation virtual reality display at the vanguard of visual computing, with the ability to handle tasks involving huge amounts of data,” said Dr. Kaufman. “In the Reality Deck, data is displayed with an unprecedented amount of resolution that saturates the human eye, provides 20/20 vision, and renders traditional panning or zooming motions obsolete, as users just have to walk up to a display in order to resolve the minutiae, while walking back in order to appreciate the context that completely surrounds them.”


Oh and I’ll leave this here: Dr. Kaufman is also a pioneer in 3D colonoscopy screenings.  May the first patient to experience the convergence of his successes have our sympathy.

Via [Next Big Future]

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