Imagining touch screens beyond the standard pinch and tap

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Touch screens are ubiquitous.  We have become accustomed to their present usage. I regret to report that this comfort does not move us forward! We don’t want to pinch and tap our whole lives do we?  Chris Harrison surely doesn’t.  His software, FingerSense, is designed to utilize our nails and knuckles to use our smartphones in a different manner.  He is currently in talks with Android phone manufacturers to adapt future hardware to this input method.  It allows new uses for touch screens by utilizing our knuckles and fingernails. Below is a video demonstrating the technology from Harrison’s start-up, Qeexo.  While watching, you will probably imagine how differently you’d interact with your favorite apps.

It is a fascinating progression and, at the very least, can offer users another input method to use–just as developers offer multiple keyboard applications. Interested Android users head over to Qeexo for the SDK.  iOS users: Stay tuned.

Via [FastCoDesign]

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