Samsung Exec: No iPhone without Samsung’s Technology

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Samsung Group Headquarters

We’ve previously reported on the Android-iOS war and its legal proxies.  Samsung’s mobile head has fired another salvo in the expensive melee.  In an interview with The Korea Times, Shin Jong-Kyun stated that without Samsung’s technology “it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets.”  Whether this is true or posturing to a home audience after a legal defeat from earlier this year remains to be seen. Still, Samsung is hoping its proof will punish Apple for its relentless pursuance of the Korean mobile manufacturer.

I understand the business cases for these lawsuits.  Businesses must protect their intellectual property.  If they do not, they are essentially giving up their rights to them.  I still find these legal battles to be a distraction and a real disruptor of innovation in such a fast-moving space.  The close coordination of these companies in the components market during an intense legal battle in the consumer market can lead to a disaster that no mobile device manufacturer or consumer wants to find themselves in.  Here’s hoping that the Samsung and Apple battle can go the way of Apple vs HTC.  Craft an agreeable licensing agreement and move forward with making the devices that we all enjoy!

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