Verizon FiOS Mobile iPad app update brings live TV streaming

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This app update actually landed in the iOS App Store a few days back, but giving the timing, we suspect some may have missed the news. That being said, here is what you may have missed. The Verizon FiOS Mobile iPad app has been updated. The app has gone to version 1.5.3 and along with a seemingly innocent version number actually came a welcomed feature — live TV streaming. Yup, live streaming is now available for the app.

Those checking out the app will have live streaming of FiOS TV, 75 channels in total and for those with kids — there is a kids section that contains a handful of child friendly channels. The one catch with the streaming, you will have to be at home and connected to your home network in order to stream. Otherwise, in addition to the live streaming, the app update also brought an improved remote control pairing process, support for iOS 6 and some bug fixes.

All said and done here, I spent some time playing with this app on Thanksgiving and while I cannot say it is perfect, it is welcomed. For me, the app was a bit slow to start up and a bit slow to start streaming, however once things got up and running — it was smooth sailing. Of course, some of the slowness was likely due to the model iPad I was using — an original model. In other words, if you have anything aside from the now nearly ancient OG iPad — your experience should be pretty good.

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  • Uriah

    It’s cool that the people who have FiOS can stream live TV to their iPad’s now. It’s interesting that they are barely getting the feature now. I’ve been able to stream live TV on my iPad for the longest time using the DISH Remote Access app and a Sling Adapter connected to my receiver. I like to catch up on my shows while I’m on break at DISH where I work. It’s nice being able to stream anywhere I want, unlike the FiOS app which will only work at home.