Nexus 4 shown working on LTE, those in the US need not apply

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We have seen details about the Nexus 4 having an LTE radio hidden inside. And well, as it turns out, that LTE radio can be activated by a software hack. The activation is done by accessing a test menu and dialing a string of digits. The one catch, the Nexus 4 LTE support appears to be for Band 4, which at the moment is not going to do much good for those in the US. AT&T customers can forget out it. As for T-Mobile, they will be rolling out LTE support on Band 4, however that is not available just yet. Otherwise, it looks like those in Canada are the ones that can take advantage. With that, if you happen to live in Canada and have a Nexus 4 in-hand, you can now activate that hidden LTE support.

Via [AnandTech] and [xda developers]

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