Lenovo joins the Black Friday craze with an array of discounted laptops, desktops and tablets

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Though Black Friday 2012 is almost halfway through, the sales madness doesn’t seem to be toning down. Au contraire as a matter of a fact, because, like wines, the deals are getting better with time.

Lenovo is the latest big name to join the craze straight from its official website and because the number of offers is downright outrageous, let’s just get down to business and see what it’s all about:

  • Tablet discounts: the IdeaPad A1107 is available in white, blue or pink with 16 GB of storage at $149 ($50 off) and in white with 32 GB of internal memory at $199.20 ($49.80 off), the 16 GB A2109 goes for $271.20, while the S2110 bundled with a keyboard dock is $439.29 (16 GB version) and $463.20 (32 GB)
  • Laptop deals: the entire IdeaPad consumer line is discounted, starting at prices of $383.20 and going way up to $1,239.20, while the IdeaPad Yoga 11 convertible tablet/laptop is $150 off ($679.20 with 32 GB of storage and $759.20 with 64 GB)
  • Desktops: things are even crazier here, so you have a lot of fishing to do. The A, B, K and Q lines have all had their prices slashed and the discounts range from 50 bucks to $400


Via [ZDNet]

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