50 Shades of Turkey: Thanksgiving 2012 shatters Instagram record

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Run while you still can!

Thanksgiving is the time for photographs in my family.  Each year I find myself ducking and weaving to avoid the notorious picture takers.  These are the folks who must have a shot of you doing everything from going up the steps to reaching for your keys.  When caught, I helplessly smile in defeat.

Ridiculous photo-ops aside, Thanksgiving pictures are worth taking for yourself and future generations.  This could not have been truer for Instagram users, who took 10 million shots on Thanksgiving.  According to Instagram, that came out to at least 200 photos a second.  Among Instagram’s headlining features is the ability to choose different photographic filters, but its popularity during the holidays is undoubtedly due to its larger social functionality.  Just as users updated their Facebook statuses, Instagram users uploaded pictures of food and relatives before and after a food coma.  There’s apparently no better way to say “I’m stuffed” than a HDR shot of an empty plate.

Via [Instagram Blog] and [The Next Web]

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