Best Buy latest holiday commercial is all about selling Apple

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Gifts That Do: Finding Santa. That is the title for the latest commercial from Best Buy. And while the retailer sells quite a bit of variety in terms of tech, this latest is focused solely on Apple products. In fact, it is 31 seconds of Best Buy pushing Apple. The commercial has a little boy trying to track down Santa using a variety of Apple products and services. The commercial begins with the promise of being able to do anything with those products to the little boy getting the address from Siri, looking for plane tickets using a MacBook, to emailing Santa using his iCloud address (apparently he has one of those), to getting an auto-responder message back and finally reaching him on Facetime. That all being said, if you want to see how Best Buy pushes Apple gear during the holiday season, hit play on the above video and sit back for just about 30 seconds.

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