Rumor: Google may create its own Chromebook

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A report from the China Times indicates Google has its sights set on creating its own branded Chromebook. This theory is based on supply chain orders from Taiwan. Google’s version of the Chromebook is said to have a touch screen.China Times also goes on to say the number of units requested by Google suggests the company may be testing the new Chromebooks instead of immediately selling them to the public.

Google has seen success when it has taken a more hands-on approach to hardware. The Nexus 7 is the most popular Android tablet ever, and the unlocked Nexus 4 is cheap enough to make anyone consider abandoning two-year contracts. We’re also starting to see a slight reemergence on Chromebooks in general thanks to their new low prices.

Let’s just keep in mind that we see these supply chain rumors pop up all the time. In the end, this could mean a big change is coming, or nothing at all.

Source [China Times]

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