Google now limiting Nexus 4 sales at two per customer

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While many have yet to receive the Nexus 4 they ordered when the handset originally went on sale, it now seems like Google will be limiting future purchases. The details have come by way of Phandroid who are reporting that Google is now limiting Nexus 4 orders at two per customer.

“Tonight the Play Store listing was updated, and we have just learned that anyone who has purchased 2 Nexus 4′s — yup, you’ve been officially cut off.”

While the details suggest that you will be limited to two handsets, there are still some unanswered questions such as how long before that second if purchased until you can buy a third. Regardless though, we suspect many of the users that want to make a purchase are looking for one. That being said, we are never big fans of limits. Of course, this certainly sounds like it could help to stop people from buying multiple devices with the sole reason of reselling them for a profit.

Via [Phandroid]

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