Samsung vows to take action against facility abuses

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credit: Desmond Ma

About a year ago, Apple was the subject of a firestorm involving abuses and suicides at manufacturer Foxconn’s plants. Many of the allegations were valid, but much of the blame was unfairly pointed at Apple for what was perpetuated by a contractor.  Still, Apple responsibly addressed the public and has has made strides to improve conditions at associated manufacturing facilities.

Samsung is now addressing labor abuse problems of its own.  China Labor Watch has noted labor conditions at Samsung’s Chinese facilities.  In response, Samsung has noted major changes expected to put an end to these abuses.  Among the actions listed are new hiring processes to avoid child labor, improving employee training, and eliminating unreasonable overtime hours.  It is sad to see the trials that many honest workers face in other parts of the world, but encouraging to see that companies are willing to do something about it.

Via [Samsung] and [PC Mag]

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