Misfit Shine activity tracker breaks $325,000 on indiegogo, still has 30 days left to go

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The Misfit Shine is a fitness gadget, an activity tracker. It brings the expected features such as being able to track your daily activity and also allows you to set goals. The tracker has what is being described as “an elegant, all-metal” design and it will sync with your smartphone (Android and iOS). Another nice perk comes in with the battery — is should last about six months. Otherwise, the tracker can be worn clipped to your clothing or on your wrist or ankle and is waterproof which means that in addition to tracking your walking or running, it can also be used to track your swimming.

Anyway, while we are fairly certain that many of you have heard of the Misfit Tracker by now, it looks like this project is becoming one with success. Well, a success in terms of attracting backers anyway. As of now, the Misfit Shine has gone way over their goal of $100,000. They are currently sitting at just over $325,000 and still have 30 days left.

The project ends on December 26 and those choosing to become a backer have options to get a Shine for as little as $79. Some backer options include a sports band or leather band and even multiple Shine units. Finally, the folks behind the Misfit Shine has announced an estimated delivery date for sometime in March 2013. Just remember though, that is an estimated date.

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