Nexus 4 to go back on sale via Google’s US Play Store in just a few hours

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There seems to be no shortage of Nexus 4 related news lately, but by far the most interesting story to come out in a while is served to us by Phone Arena. According to the online publication, Google is sending out email notifications saying that the hottest device around “will be available for purchase later today”.

The Nexus 4 will once again sell via the US Play Store at 12:00 noon (three hours and counting), but don’t hold your breath for stocks to keep up with the demand for long. Hopefully though, the recent limitation announced by Google, who’s now only allowing an individual to buy a maximum of two smartphones, and T-Mobile’s restocking will help things move on smoother than before.

No words on whether or not both the 8 and 16 GB versions will be again up for grabs, but fingers crossed for that happening. If it does, keep in mind that the former is priced at $299, while the latter goes for $349 in unlocked, SIM-free form.

Via [Phone Arena]

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