You can now edit spreadsheets using the Google Drive app on Android

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Google has rolled-out the latest update for the Drive app on Android. The Google Drive app can be found in its usual location, Google Play, and is currently sitting at version 1.1.470.11.

Perhaps a bit more exciting as compared to the version number though, this update has brought the ability to edit spreadsheets. In fact, you can create new spreadsheets and also edit existing spreadsheets. You will be able to switch fonts, resize columns, sort data and more. And similar to how this works when you are on a regular computer, you will also be able to see other people’s edits in real time.

Otherwise, some other perks that came along with this most recent update include improvements to text formatting when you paste from one Google document to another as well as the ability to edit text within tables in documents and add a shortcut on the homescreen. With that, grab your Android device, launch the Play store and install this latest update.

Via [Official Android Blog]

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