Vimeo for iPhone gets a refreshed UI and more in version 3.0

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Vimeo, which I prefer to call “the other YouTube” has been around the business for quite some time now providing alternative video sharing/uploading services for those who are not fond of using YouTube. And like YouTube, Vimeo also has its mobile app which as of now is available for the iPhone. The app was just updated to version 3.0 and the app is now sporting a tab-based design which is much now easier to use as compared with the previous version of the app. Another new feature of Vimeo 3.0 is the ability to quickly view and browse videos and share them natively on Facebook and Twitter even immediately after uploading videos.The app also lets you watch a video while another video is uploading in the background as well as watch uploaded videos later using the app’s watch later feature. As Vimeo puts it, their app is now “awesomer, sleeker, more beautiful, way more awesome, and also much, much awesomer.”

The Vimeo app is available as a free download from the iOS App Store. Those new features we mentioned are currently available only for iPhone but Vimeo says that the updates for the iPad is already in the works and should be available pretty soon.

Via  [Vimeo] and [iOS App Store]

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