TweetCaster comes to the web in beta form

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The folks at OneLouder Apps have a few things going on. They’ve recently opened up a beta program so users can test its latest apps before they’re officially released, and they also just rolled out TweetCaster for the web. The web version of TweetCaster isn’t a Google Chrome app or even some variant of an app. It’s an actual webpage that can be viewed as a desktop Twitter replacement.

The design is similar to what Twitter already offers, but there are some differences. TweetCaster utilizes the core functionality from Slices (OneLouder’s other Twitter app) to separate tweets from individuals with similar interests. For example, you can have a separate timeline filled with celebrities, tech writers and your favorite websites. You can also choose to have a timeline that’s only comprised of photos and videos.

Another difference is the lack of trending topics and suggested users to follow in TweetCaster.

There are bound to be more improvements and additional features as the beta program rolls on. For now, check it out for yourself.

Source [TweetCaster]

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