Time Warner CEO wants rumored Apple Television…for now.

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Apple doesn’t typically make friends in the industries it disrupts. Before it was a proven success, it wrangled with the music industry and the major cellular networks. Apple is known to have aggressive demands.  Those demands are often met today because Apple proves itself to be a low-risk partner. When Apple makes a product, it sells.

When speaking at Business Insider’s IGNITION Conference, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes expressed genuine excitement about the rumored Apple TV stating “I hope they do [create it]” and “They bring good interface and navigation skills.” Great, I think we can all agree with that.

Now here is why I think an Apple TV-Cable  honeymoon would be short-lived.  Take a look at iTunes.  What do you see? I see a lot of things to watch.  Not a single one requires a cable connection. Apple has poured billions of dollars into iTunes and its ability to offer the shows and movies we love.

With so much invested in internet entertainment, how much would Apple’s entry help the cable companies?  Apple has been slowly building its relationship with content providers in order to offer the world’s favorite shows and films.  Cable companies are the middle man in this case.  An Apple TV would be a welcome sight for the market, but not for a company in the cable industry.

Of course, there is also the distinct possibility that Mr. Bewkes knows something we don’t.

Via [Business Insider]

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