Don’t forget Vizio: CTO Matthew McRae on the future

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My first high-definition display was a Vizio television.  At the time, it was the only display I could afford.  This affordability is why many people have counted Vizio out as a viable competitor in the high-def display market.  In a lengthy interview with NextMarket, Vizio Chief Technology Officer Matthew McCrae covers everything from Smart TV’s to the future of the television market in general.  The interview is 25 minutes of audio, so I have prepared digestible bits for you to read if listening is not an option.  You may listen to the interview here.

Interview tidbits:

Vizio believes that Smart TV is the next big shift after HD, but doesn’t believe groundbreaking interfaces will surface for another year or so.  Vizio presumably wants to be at the forefront of this shift.

According to Vizio’s data, Smart TV functions are used on a weekly basis–not daily like smartphones and computers.

Streaming content is by far the most popular Smart TV function. Social media the least popular.

McRae stresses that a television is not a computer and that users care more about apps than platforms.

Second screens (phones, tablets) indeed compliment television, but not seamlessly.  There is potential here. 60-75% of people watching TV have a second device in their lap. 

Vizio believes voice control is the future for content discovery (find movies starring Tom Cruise)–NOT navigation (volume up).  They’ve played with gesture controls and do not think they work.

No huge surprises coming next year.  Just larger displays and perhaps some high end 4K displays (which may surprise some consumers).

McRae stresses that Vizio’s low prices are a product of an efficient supply chain, not cheap components.

This was a welcome interview.  Samsung and Sony are often thought to be at the forefront of the television market, but it sounds as though Vizio has a well tuned finger on the pulse of the industry.  We’re looking forward to see what they come up with in the next couple of years.

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