64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 not coming to the UK after all?

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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been with us for a while and has sold like hotcakes for the most part, except for the 64 GB flavor. The higher-end version of the super-phone has been only put up for grabs in a small number of countries so far, being priced rather ostentatiously.

It should therefore come as no shocker that people haven’t exactly taken on the idea of a $900 S3 when you can score a 32 GB model for around $650 and slap in a 32 GB microSD card inside it for just another 20 bucks.

But things seem to go much worse than we had imagined, with the UK release of the 64 GB S3 being on the verge of cancelation. Clove, the first retailer to accept pre-orders for the phone, has announced that “unfortunately the number of pre-orders that we received did not meet the minimum required to bring stock into the UK.”

Meanwhile, Expansys has also said that the demand is very low for the handheld, but if more orders will be placed soon the 64 GB S3 might reach GB after all. Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U have avoided making comments on the matter, so things aren’t looking great for Samsung.

Via [TechRadar]

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