Pocket for iOS app update brings Share to Tweetbot, improvements to Evernote sharing and much more

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Today has been rather nice for app updates. And coming in that line, Pocket for iOS. The Pocket app remains available for free and as a universal. Pocket has been updated to version 4.2.6 and in addition to a new number — comes some new features as well as some general fixes, some reader fixes and some sharing fixes. In other words, it looks like a decent update. More to the point, it should be an update that is welcomed by those who also use Evernote and/or Tweetbot.

  • Improvements to Evernote sharing, including notebook selection, preservation of tags, comments, and option to include the full article
  • Sharing to Evernote now supports the 印象笔记 service in China
  • Share to Tweetbot

Another new feature includes tweet attribution. Pocket notes this as follows;

“Tweet Attribution redesigned, with support for replying, favoriting, retweeting, opening a tweet in Safari, and opening a person’s Twitter profile in Safari”

Otherwise, new features aside, here are those fixes;

General Fixes:

  • Toolbar buttons are now easier to tap
  • The Pocket logo at the top of the list will no longer appear visually distorted
  • Fixed an issue where items in the list were occasionally not tappable
  • Fixed an issue where authorizing 3rd-party apps would hang on older devices

Reader Fixes:

  • Rotation lock now works properly in the Reader
  • ESPN Insider subscribers can now log in by going to Options > Manage Site Subscriptions
  • A number of other bug fixes and improvements

Sharing Fixes:

  • Fixed issues when logging in to Pinboard and Delicious
  • has much improved error handling and some fixes when adding comments to shared items
  • The font size has been increased when sharing to Buffer

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