Redbox Instant from Verizon may go public on December for $6 a month

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Back in September, Bloomberg reported the streaming video service called Redbox Instant, would be available to the public this holiday season. With mere weeks left to go in 2012, nothing official has been announced. However, GigaOM dug up some details about the service thanks to a (now locked down) help page on the Redbox Instant website. The information uncovered from there showed monthly plans that start at $6 a month for unlimited access to the service’s streaming content. The expected launch date is December 17.

A screenshot taken from the website shows movies such as Killers, The Last Godfather Iron Man 2, Rango and Transformers. Should you decide to pay $8 a month, you’ll get access to the streaming library and four credits to Redbox. The credits will presumably let you rent movies from a Redbox kiosk for free. Searching the inventory of local Redbox kiosks can also be done from the Redbox Instant app for Android and iOS.

Videos can also be purchased and rented from Redbox Instant for as little as $0.99.

Redbox Instant may not have as large a streaming library as Netflix, but throwing in free Redbox rentals will be a bonus for some. Maybe Verizon customers will get an even sweeter deal.

Source [GigaOM]

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