Amazon Wireless’ deals come with a catch

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So you’re finally eligible for a phone upgrade after 4 long years and you can’t wait. You’ve done your homework and picked out the perfect new handset for yourself. For the heck of it, you decided to see if there are any deals to be had and find an incredible one at Amazon Wireless. Before you hit the buy button, make sure you read the fine print.

It may look like you’re getting that phone for $29.99 but then your provider will hit your with a hefty upgrade fee, usually around $35. All of a sudden your $30 phone costs $60. Got multiple lines and want to use the upgrade on one to replace the phone on another? Forget it. Amazon Wireless refuses to allow this, saying in their fine print that they will monitor your account for 6 months and if you take your new phone off the line it was purchased for and/or discontinue your line or service, they will slam you with a $250 penalty. Ouch.

If you don’t plan to swap phones and don’t mind being monitored and told what you can and can’t do with the handsets you buy, you can get some great deals on Amazon Wireless. However if you want a bit more freedom, go through your provider or an authorized dealer like Radio Shack.

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