Unlocked iPhone 5 now available from the U.S. Apple Store

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Finally, the iPhone 5 is up for grabs from the U.S. Apple Online Store. Although this comes a bit late especially since some carrier-issued iPhone 5 units were supposed to be unlocked anyway, this is still a welcome development if you are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and don’t want to get tangled up with a two-year contract from either Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Or if you travel a lot, the unlocked iPhone 5 comes off as a hassle-free device since you can insert a nano-SIM from any local telco providers and use the handset right away. This is also a great news for non-U.S. folks who are itching to get the iPhone 5, either to get it shipped via forwarders or have somebody from the U.S. ship the unit on their behalf. Believe me, folks in Manila, Philippines will surely take advantage of this scheme since it will be a lot cheaper than getting it from online Apple Stores in Hong Kong or Singapore. And how much is the unlocked iPhone anyway? The 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 in their unlocked state are being sold for $649, $749 and $849. Apple promises to deliver the units in one weeks time.

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