Wirefly has the Verizon Wireless Galaxy Note 2 for $279.99

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Verizon recently launched the Galaxy Note 2 and it looks like the handset is also coming available with third-party retailers. One of which is Wirefly and they have the handset selling at a discount (as compared to the Verizon Wireless price). The one catch here, the price is probably now as low as some would have been hoping for. But on the positive side, it is less than the $299.99 with Verizon. In short, Wifely has the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 priced at $279.99 — a savings of $20. This price is available for new customers as well as current customers eligible for an upgrade. And as always, Wirefly includes free FedEx shipping.

Via [Wirefly]

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  • Ray

    Yeah, and what’s the use of “selling it” if Wirefly hasn’t got it yet. How long are we going to wait for the damn inventory? Maybe you should write about that, Robert?