SwiftKey gets friendlier with those in Australia, adds support for Australian English

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If you happen to be in Australia and enjoy using the SwiftKey keyboard — you may want to grab this latest update. In short, SwiftKey 3 now has support for Australian English.

“Did you know that Australians are twice as likely to use the word “mate” as Brits? And 30% more likely to use the word “barbecue”? Well, they do have better weather for it.”

Nicely done for those who were looking to try out the keyboard, but were turned off having to choose between US or UK English, the folks at SwiftKey have the app currently selling at half price. Simply put, SwiftKey 3 is available for $1.99. Those interested can grab it from Google Play.

And as many already know about SwiftKey, the app will only get better over time as it learns the words and phrases that you use which builds up your personal language profile. With that, the language can be changed by navigating to the Languages & layouts section in the Settings.

Via [SwiftKey] and [AndroidCentral]

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