Microsoft already prepping three new Surface tablets, (some) specs leak

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We’ve only seen the Surface RT selling for about a month now, while the Surface Pro is still unreleased, but Microsoft seems to have a lot of confidence in the tablet duo. Otherwise, how can you explain that rumors about the second-generation Surface tabs have already started floating around?

Now everything we’re going to tell you is to be taken with a big grain of salt, but according to MS_Nerd, a usually reliable source of such rumors, Microsoft will be bringing not one, not two, but three Windows tablets to the world in the second quarter of 2013.

The Surface RT 2 could sport an 8.6-inch display (pretty bizarre, right?), the Surface Pro 2 should be an 11.6-incher, while the Surface Book could come with a gargantuan 14.6-inch panel. Not much else is known about the trio, other than their chipsets – a Qualcomm SoC for the RT 2, a yet unreleased AMD Temash APU for the Pro 2 and a 22 nm Intel Haswell processor for the Book. Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

Via [Phone Arena]

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