Is Apple’s iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile next week?

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Know how Santa only brings gifts to good little boys and girls? Well, this year there might be something extra under the Christmas tree for Apple fans. Just 24 hours after hearing the iPhone 5’s supply issues might have been overcome, we have more good news for anyone craving for “the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever”.

If Merril Lynch’s Scott Craig is to be trusted, T-Mobile will announce a deal to bring the iPhone 5 as soon as next week. This is just speculation, so is not to be taken too seriously, especially that it comes very soon after T-Mo officials said they simply can’t afford the iPhone.

The number four carrier in the states is the only major one to have Apple’s iPhones missing from its portfolio of on-contract devices, which is thought to have played a major role in the shrinking of the number of subscribers to just around 33 million. And while this new rumor seems crazy, we can’t help but wonder what if.

Via [Fortune]

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