Next Issue continues to wow iPad users while alienating Android users

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If you’re an iPad user you probably love Next Issue and can’t say enough good things about it. If you’re an Android user though, you probably have some rather colorful ways to describe how you feel about the magazine app. Android users have been stuck with an app that has had multiple problems and when Jelly Bean was released, it simply didn’t work at all because it apparently never occurred to the company that they should have made sure it was compatible.

In November, 6 months and repeated broken promises later, they released an update-which promptly refused to work correctly on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and generated many user complaints about crashing, lock ups and extremely slow downloads. Once again the company is promising an update soon.

On the other hand the iPad app works perfectly. Not only that but iPad users have a whopping 78 magazines to chose from. Android users get just 31-yet pay exactly the same as iPad users. Next Issue really doesn’t seem to care, blaming it on technological challenges inherent in the Android platform and says they hope to add more titles-yep, you guess it-soon.

Are you an Android customer of Next Issue? How do you feel about the disparity between the Android and iPad apps? Please leave a comment and share your feelings with us!

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