Falcon Pro tries to make up for the deaths of two Android Twitter clients

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Twitter’s desire to weed out up and coming third-party applications has been successful in some regard. Boid development has been left up to the community and Tweet Lanes is likely gone forever. All hope is not lost though. Joaquim Verges has deemed his new Falcon Pro Twitter app to be ready for mass consumption. It has exited beta and is available in Google Play for $1.03.

Twitter’s restrictions forced the developer to make Falcon Pro a paid app, but it’s worth every penny. Falcon Pro has the fastest refresh time I’ve ever seen in a Twitter app. It’s so fast, I thought something was definitely wrong with it. Turns out it’s working just fine. It also has notifications, tablet support and is compatible with every Android device from Froyo to Jellybean. It also supports Tweetmarker, a tool which automatically saves your position in the timeline across multiple Twitter apps.

In the future, Falcon Pro will be updated with themes, translations, multi-user support, conversation view and more. If you’re looking for a new Twitter client to support, look no further.

Download Link [Falcon Pro]

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