New rumors: Samsung working on “Project J”, cheaper Note 2 and 13-inch “Transformer” tablet

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After a pretty sensational 2012 in mobile, Samsung has raised the Android bar at an almost unprecedented level. But will Sammy manage to capitalize on the newfound popularity in 2013? That, my folks, is a question for the ages, though an answer is starting to take shape.

According to Sam Mobile, a regular source of reliable rumors, Samsung is prepping at least three highly exciting gadgets for next year. First off, we have the Galaxy S4, which is supposedly known internally as “Project J”.

This is rumored to come with a Full HD 5-inch AMOLED display, quad-core CPU and 13 MP camera, but it’s still a mystery what the “J” stands for. Even more mysterious are the other two gadgets, described as a “basic” Galaxy Note 2 and a 13.3-inch tablet with a detachable keyboard dock.

The former should be cheaper than the Note 2 and should feature a lower-res LCD screen and no stylus. As for the latter, that could be a direct competitor for Asus’s Transformer hybrid tabs, but no specs are known right now.

Via [Sam Mobile]


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