Dual-SIM Nokia 114 unveiled in India: budget friendliness at its peak

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Nokia is certainly not doing as well as it was in years past, but budget-friendly devices still work for the Finland-based phone manufacturer. We don’t mean that in the “$200 on-contract” sense, but in the purest sense of the word – dirt-cheap, unlocked feature phones.

The latest such device, the 114, looks like the textbook definition of an affordable feature phone. We can’t even say this little guy has tech specs when all it has going for it is dual SIM functionality, a 1.8-inch 160 x 128 resolution non-touch screen, a VGA camera, Bluetooth 2.1, a 1,080 mAh battery and a numeric keypad.

Well, that and most likely the legendary indestructibility that comes with a Nokia-branded device. Still, this definitely looks to be no more than a basic phone or a backup device for when you only need to make a call. If you fit that description, you’ll have to wait a bit until the Nokia 114 comes to your region. For now, it’s only India-bound.

Source [Nokia]

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