Gmail pinch-to-zoom is no longer restricted to Nexus Jelly Bean devices

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One of the biggest new Gmail features included with the Android Jelly Bean update was pinch-to-zoom. This was a feature that was long overdue, but unavailable to the majority of Android users. Well, the brief period of exclusivity is over now that Google has made the latest version of Gmail available on Google Play. 

This update brings more than just pinch-to-zoom. You can also attach pictures and videos from within the app. I know that’s a pretty basic feature to have, but it’s definitely welcome. You can also select an option within the settings menu that will auto-fit pictures and general emails to your device’s screen size. If you get an email with multiple attached photos, you’ll see a new gallery view as well.

Last but not least is the ability to swipe messages to either archive or delete them.

This is a pretty beefy update. Click the link below to open Gmail’s Google Play page.

Download Link [Google Play]

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