Don’t have Google Now? Maybe you should try Utter

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Google Now is a fantastic addition to Android. Even though it hasn’t been around for very long, it’s considered by many to be superior to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice virtual assistants. Unfortunately, Google Now is a Jelly Bean-only feature. Since Jelly Bean is installed on less than 10% of Android devices, the community has to rely on third-party offerings to pick up the slack. Today, we’re going to tell you about a promising virtual assistant called Utter.

Utter is currently in beta, and is a free app in Google Play. Unlike some other voice assistant apps, Utter runs in the background. The only time you have to go into the app is to turn the voice assistant on. The rest of the time, Utter can be accessed in the notification bar.

So what can this app do? Quite a lot actually. The first thing you can do is make Utter address you by the name of your choosing. For example, Utter can refer to you by your real name, or you can go for something more creative like “Commander” or “Papa Smurf.” Afterwards, you can do general web searches (Yahoo, Google and Bing) navigate to web pages, ask for weather in different locations, send text messages by voice and other simple things. You can also authorize Utter to access other apps on your behalf. You can have Utter send tweets, emails and even stream songs from Google Music. Other apps that Utter can access include Dropbox, Google+, Google Drive, Foursquare and Evernote. If you grant it root permissions, you can do even more.

You’re bound to run into some bugs, but Utter is worth checking out.

Google Play Link [Utter]

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  • Brian

    Utter requires Jellybean because it uses the Google Voice library API. So you have to have Google Now (which is a part of Jellybean) to use Utter. What Utter does is expand on and enhance the Voice Actions in Jellybean/Google Now.