Beautiful Widgets Reinvents Itself for its 5.0 Release

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Beautiful Widgets was one of the first premier applications for third-party widgets for Android. With over a million installs to date, LevelUp Studio has released a big update for Beautiful Widgets in Google Play. Along with a new logo, Beautiful Widgets supports Jelly Bean notifications, lockscreen widgets, adds a Daydream option and more.

Before digging into the main features, you’ll notice that Beautiful Widgets has a cleaner design than before. It utilizes Android’s Holo guidelines to separate the various clock and weather themes the app offers. You can also customize various aspects of widgets you place to match your tastes. For example, you can alter the color of text, set the transparency of the widget’s backgrounds and resize the widgets to fit your screen.

The lockscreen widget is basically the same weather widget that can be placed on the homescreen. You can choose to theme that lockscreen widget if you don’t want the standard look.

Beautiful Widgets sells for $2.49. Hopefully you’ve already picked it up during a sale within the past couple years.

Google Play Link [Beautiful Widgets]

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