popSlate: Two Screens Are Better Than One

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popSlate is an iPhone case unlike any other. Using chic e-ink text technology, as made famous from the Kindle tablet, the popSlate iPhone protection case is a blank canvas with the ability for you to utilize it however you choose to.

The phone case is “low-power, always-on and totally customizable.” Using a dedicated app, you can program text, photos, notes — nearly anything to be displayed across the popSlate screen. I can see myself using it as a place to keep my grocery shopping list.

Check out the young company’s public address video below. It is pretty fascinating stuff.

popSlate has a Kickstarter-like system going on and 43 days left. They are hoping to raise a goal of $150,000 and offer various perks to those who contribute money to the cause.

This is really an eye-opening product. Customization is key these days and I will not be shocked to learn that popSlate is at the forefront of an e-ink trend. First e-ink text-readers, now phone cases — are t-shirts next?

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