The ioSafe Solo G3: Protecting Your Files from the Elements and Everything Else

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With a catastrophe known as Hurricane Sandy affecting the Northeast in a big way this past October, victims are sadly still piecing their lives back together. Homes got destroyed, lives became instantly wrecked and some people lost everything they had. It completely put things in perspective and for myself, a New York City native, learning about family members affected by the storm got me thinking and feeling thankful for the important things that I have.

Backing-up my computer’s data seems to be filed in the same area of my mind as doing laundry — as in, “I’ll get to it tomorrow or something,” usually. Even after enduring computer crashes and actually losing all my data on more than one occasion, I would be lying if I said that my personal files at home were backed-up right now.

But with a flash of lightning or a violent wind, everything — college essays, music and photo albums, movies and short films, poetry, news stories, love letters, everything — could be wiped away and leave me devastated yet again.

Perhaps this would be a good time for me to invest in an external hard drive, a real solid one; like, say the new ioSafe Solo G3 model. The latest evolution of the Solo product family, this work-horse is built strong and made to last through nearly anything harmful.

The Solo G3 is fireproof, protecting data against temperatures up to 1550 degrees Farenheit and waterproof, protecting your data against full-submersion at 10′ deep for up to 72 hours, fresh or salt water. Talk about enduring the elements. This beast means business, no exceptions. In fact, the company has previously published their products surviving ‘torture tests’ and even reached out to their local fire department for assistance in seeing how the product reacts under pressure.

It features the ioSafe patented airflow cooling system, fan-less and silent. So, no more jet engine take-off sounds when you’re accessing files off the drive. As far a speed goes, the Solo G3 uses USB 3.0 high-speed transfer rates at up to 5Gb/s.

Possibly the most valuable feature however is the system’s security. Your data will remain safe with ioSafe’s Data Recovery service, which for a monthly fee is an insurance that the company will shell out up to $2500 for forensic data recovery. Also, this unit has a built-in Kensington security slot to use with one of their cable-locks or a hole in the base for bolting it down to floor.

This back-up disk is no joke. Available with 1TB of storage space for $299.99, with 2 TB for an extra $50 and 3 TB for an extra $150. Regardless of your individual needs, this is a machine that is right for anyone who has data that means something to them.

God willing that there will be no future disasters such as Sandy any time soon — but if so, the ioSafe Solo G3 will remain where it is, waiting to be rescued along with all of your important computer files.

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