Android tips: How to reply to multiple text conversations on your PC simultaneously

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Are you the type of person that is constantly sending and receiving text messages to multiple people at the same time? I bet that can be pretty hectic to manage on a smartphone. Heck, sometimes I find it irritating to keep picking up my phone to respond to messages when I’m busy doing something on my computer. If you fall into that camp, perhaps you should try a new feature from MightyText called PowerView.

In case you haven’t heard of MightyText, here’s a quick primer. MightyText is an Android application and desktop extension that links to your Android phone. Once you’ve synced up the two programs, you’ll be able to send and receive text messages on your computer. The texts are still being sent through your carrier, but MightyText just makes the whole process easier.

Now, onto PowerView. At the beginning of the month, MightyText rolled out this new feature on PC. It places the texting history of your most recent interactions in a grid view. With this feature, you can see different conversations on one page. They each have their own composition boxes that work independently of each other.

So there you have it. This is a really easy way to make all those texts more manageable without needing to be near your phone.

Source [MightyText]

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