RadioShack to Discount AT&T and Sprint iPhones Starting Today

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It’s only every so often we see Apple’s iPhones discounted, so, even if the offers aren’t usually the greatest, there are always major spikes in sales. That said, we can certainly see RadioShack stores being taken by storm starting today if Phone Arena’s insiders prove correct.

According to the online publication, the retailer will slash prices for the iPhone 5 on AT&T and the 4S and 5 on Sprint. The deals are not yet live, but you’d want to keep a close eye on RadioShack’s website in case the promotions start.

Though the special prices should remain valid throughout the holidays, there’s definitely a good chance RadioShack will go out of stock sooner. Not to mention the even greater possibility of being able to get orders in, but having to wait for shipments until next year.

Enough chit-chat and let’s go down to the actual offers:

AT&T special prices – 16 GB iPhone 5 $179.99; 32 GB version $279.99; 64 GB – $379.99

Sprint – 16 GB 4S – $49.99; 32 GB 4S – $149.99; 64 GB 4S – $249.99; 16 GB iPhone 5 – $179.99; 32 GB model – $279.99; 64 GB – $379.99

(all prices valid for new and upgrade customers)

Via [Phone Arena]

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