New Rumor: Samsung Ativ S Delayed to February

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Now this is annoying. And confusing. And did I mention annoying? There’s a new rumor going around about Samsung’s Ativ S and it does nothing short of crushing the last two stories we reported about the device.

According to the latest speculation, Samsung’s first and only Windows Phone 8 handheld is now scheduled to be released no sooner than February 2013. Oh, alright, that’s not too far ahead, some of you might say.

But it is, guys, it’s annoyingly far ahead, considering the Ativ S was first supposed to be coming in November and then in December this year. But what about the “confirmation” from Samsung’s spokesperson that “the product will be available by the end of this year”?

Well, he might as well have told us the truth too, because there is a good shot “a couple of countries” will get the Ativ S in time for the Mayan end of the world, while February will see the 4.8-incher reach a wider audience. Like I said, an-noy-ing!

Via [Sam Mobile]

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